Getting Started

Here is a brief outline of the process.

Step 1. Domain Name

This is basically the "address" of your new online store. I recommend Crazy Domains.For both .com or You will be best to check with your territory or state as to the requirements for business name registration and any other requirements you may have to comply with.

Step 2. Hosting

Your web host acts a like a landlord for your store design, graphics and inventory. You will pay a monthly fee to your web hosting provider to host your online store on their server. You must purchase your monthly web hosting account with one of the hosting providers we work with.

Step 3. Purchase a Design

Simply select the designyou love and purchase it from our site. Be sure that you contact us with any changes you would like to make prior to purchase. Or if you prefer choose one of our custom design packagesfor a totally unique Business.

Upon receipt of your payment you will receive a confirmation of your order which you will need to review and confirm. Once you have forwarded your web hosting logins to us your installation will be scheduled and you will be contacted with your installation date.

Step 4. Custom Design

Once your initial deposit (non refundable) is received, we'll send you a custom design questionnaire for you to complete. It contains a number of questions about you, your business and your design vision, and it provides insights and information to help us understand what you envision for your website. Since your input is critical at this stage, you will need to have a clear vision of your ideas! At this time, we will work with you to set up your hosting so that you can begin adding your products & content to your site, so that you can familiarize yourself with the content management system.

Step 5. The Design Process

At this point we'll take the ideas from our planning discussion & begin a static mock-up of your website design for you to review. A static mock-up is a large image of what your site will pretty much look like, but without actual working links. We allow up to 3 rounds of revisions with minor revisions being accepted (and expected!) throughout the entire process. Requesting more than 3 major revisions, or excessive minor revisions, will result in added design fees. Giving your feedback about what you like and dislike is very important at this stage, since it helps avoid costly redesign later on in the process.

Step 6. Installation

Once the design has been approved, and any minor revisions completed the final Payment is Required at this time, to begin installation and launch of your site. This is when we take your approved design mock-up and translate it into a functional website & install the graphics and code to your site. Once your site is installed everything will be tested & reviewed for your approval, including making sure your site looks & works right in several different web browsers. Any minor adjustments will be made at this time. Work will also begin on any custom print designs at this time. You can now add product & content to your site (we do some for you if you purchased a GOLD PACKAGE). At this time any additional fees incurred during the project, will be required.

Step 7. Launch

YEAH we made it. You're ready to "go live." We will make sure there everything is working smoothly & answer any last-minute questions you may have. Any changes that you request after launch will be subject to an hourly maintenance fee. We will also be happy to fix any problems, free of charge, for 14 days after launch - just Contact Me. Please do note that if any errors are caused because someone other than Where To Start Websites has modified your site, any such errors will be subject to an hourly maintenance fee.